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In the Press

Hair on show 95 – 1st April 1995 at the Colombo Hilton


Woman – 26/4/95 – “for sheer entertainment value combined with slick professionalism and presentation of the latest in hair and make up artistry “Hair on show 95” will certainly be hard to beat.
            - Delerine Munzeer -

- 9/4/05 (Hair Raising) With emphasis on creative cuts and hair raising highlights, Hair on Show 95 presented by Ramani Fernando Salons proved to be a sensational spectacle
             - Raushen Akhar -

Sunday Island – 9/4/95 “BOLD, BEAUTIFULL AND THE BIZARRE” “The Ramani Fernando Salons Hair on Show 95 was a spectacular and colorful celebration.

            - Kirthi Sri Karunarathne and Zanita Careem -

Sunday Observer – 9/4/95 “Combs, bobs, perms and tints, beehives, spirals, curls and tails…. Hair on Show displayed these and dozens more in all their glory” “To confer the term doyenne on Ramani Fernado for her long drawn out association with all that’s hairy and hot is appropriate. Testimony to that fact was the mega show put together by the lady herself associated by seniors Cherryl, Nadine, Naresh and Shobhini, together with an entourage of helpers.

            - Sawthri Mant -

Daily News – 8/4/95 – “CULT OF CREATIVITY” “Are you looking for a female with a prescribed length of hair to model for you? Well! You would not have the need to any longer, for men can do this job and do it equally well. If you had been to Ramani's Hair on Show 95 at Colombo Hilton last Saturday, you would know exactly what I mean. It was a show with hair, hair all the way and hair in its many forms-cuts, styles and extensions – sported by as many men as were women and in a pageant produced by creative personality Graham Hatch and choreographed by Naomi Rajarathnam.

            - Chithra Weerasinghe -

Hair Raisers
A Hair Show presented by four of Sri Lanka’s top hair dressers on 8th Sep 1997 at the Hilton ( Ramani Fernando, Ramzi Rahaman, Lou Ching Wong and Rumors)


Mirror magazines – 14/9/97 – “STYLES OUT OF THIS WORLD” “It was fascination beyond creativity. And evening where imaginations soared while light and sound fired up the mood”

The Bride
Presented together with 105 Lalitha – 22nd Sep 1997 at the Colombo Hilton.

The Sunday Island – 5/10/97 – “DAZZLING BRIDES” “The lights dimmed – the ramp resplendent in the glow of the stage lights became alive to like overwhelming lilt of the past, with the brides’ swinging to the reeling of the soft music, It was a perfect beginning to the memorable bridal show by Ramani Fernando. The ballroom of Colombo Hilton was packed but all eyes were on the dazzling brides representing ethnic groups. The brides presented a fusion of idea, concepts, thought, and nuances of color on the theme of the wedding….”

Sunday Leader – 28/9/97 “On Monday, Sep 22, the ramp of the Serendib Ballroom Hotel Hilton transformed into a glittering spectacle of bridal finery as 125 models paraded Kandyan, Indian, Western and low country bridal attire and equally glamorous clothes for the grooms and retinues when THE BRIDE, a bridal show by Ramani Fernando got underway………..”

The Look
An Extravaganza of Bridal-Fashion-Hair, Presented By Ramani Fernando Salons with Michael Wijesuriya on 26th Mar 2006 at the Colombo Hilton.

Sunday Island – 31/3/06 – “If “the look” can kill” – “music, song, dance made the bridal, fashion and hair show by Ramani Fernando, who in collaboration with Michael Wijesuriya a designer on the top rungs in his field and the imaginative choreographer Graham Hatch, put on the catwalk one of the most successful shows in recent times…

            - Kirthi Sri Karunarathne -

Weekend Standard – 1/4/06 – “The Look” was fabulous” – “there’s only one way to describe “the look”, the Bridal, Fashion and Hair show held at the Hilton Colombo last Sunday, - it was one fabulous presentation and production.

Sunday Observer – 2/4/06 – “The Look” A gorgeous fashion fusion

             – Umangi De Mel -

Sunday Island  - 2/4/06 – “The Look” of Glitz and Glamour. “It provoked our comment that it was one of the best shows we have seen in recent times”

Daily News – 4/4/06 – the first impression one had at the end of the show “The Look” which brought together two of the country’s giants in their own field of work collectively is, that it was a wholesome product which delivered what is expected from show of that nature, to entertain and enthrall audiences and that was done with slick and style”

            - Prasad Abu Bakr -

Weekend Standard – 8/4/06 “It was a feast to the eyes when the brides took the aisle, especially to the June brides, the ideas on the catwalk were endless. From the headdress to the shoes. “THE LOOK” presented by Ramani Fernando and Michael Wijesuriya at Colombo Hilton, was complete.